Periods from Selected Forecast Sources

Display specific portions of a forecast, from various forecast sources. This illustrates the use of the forecast search list extension.

Open WeatherMap

No data for OWM

UK Met Office

No data for UKMO

Weather Underground

23-Feb-2019 05:00 33.5°F Scattered
23-Feb-2019 06:00 34.4°F Mostly Cloudy
23-Feb-2019 07:00 35.1°F Overcast
23-Feb-2019 08:00 36.2°F Overcast
23-Feb-2019 09:00 37.1°F Overcast
23-Feb-2019 10:00 39.1°F Overcast

Issued at 23-Feb-2019 03:09 for 40.0685,-82.4621

US National Weather Service

23-Feb-2019 16:00 N/A
23-Feb-2019 19:00 N/A
23-Feb-2019 22:00 N/A
24-Feb-2019 01:00 32.0°F Overcast
24-Feb-2019 04:00 33.0°F Overcast
24-Feb-2019 07:00 35.0°F Overcast

Issued at 23-Feb-2019 00:22 for ILN OHZ056